Magnesium Helps You Last Longer

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Magnesium Helps You Last Longer

One method of assessing your magnesium status is to simply contact your health care provoder and request detailed magnesium testing. You might have a regular check up in which blood serum tests are conducted. But these tests can be misleading as onlyoe per cent of magnesium in the bodt is actually found in the blood.

Magnesium Helps You Last Longer

Firstly a note of caution, especially for you men out there. An academixc article published by the National Council For Biotechnology Information (NCBI) in 2001 indicated that there might be a connection between low levels of magnesium in sperm and severe premature ejaculation. Obviously this is bad for most men, but if you have invested time, energy and money in spending time with the prettiest escorts Geneva has to offer, only to find that you pop your cork wihtout really letting the wine ferment it is especially galling. For all concerned. So magnesium levels are not just a matter of health, but of pleasure too.

Fortunately it is possible to get a god sense of where your intake levels might lie simply by asking yourslef a few questions about your lifestyle. Together with watching for certai signs and signals of low magnesium levels, this is a very good place to start.

Do you regularly drinl carbonated beverages? Whether with sugar or artificial sweeteners is not important. Most dark coloured soft drinks, such as cola, contain phosphates. These phosphates bind with the magnesium inside the digestive tract, rendering it unavailable for use by the body. So even if you are eating a balanced diet, by drinking soft drinks with your meals you are effectively flushing magnesium out of your system. The average consumption of carbonated soft drinks today is more than ten times what it was in nineteen forty. This sky rocketing increase is responsible for both reduced magnesium and calcium available in the body.

Do you regularly eat pastries, cakes, puddings, sweets and other sweet and sugared foods? Refind sugar is not only a zero magnesium product, but it also causes the body to excrete magnesium through the kidneys. The process of producing refined sugar from sugar cane removes molasses, stripping the magnesium content entirely. So if you did not have enough incentive to stop eatig sugar, add the prospect of premature ejaculation to the list!

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