In times of COVID-19, sex can wait but, are there alternatives?

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In times of COVID-19, sex can wait but, are there alternatives?

Health, hygiene and protection have become a priority these days. Especially in matters as intimate as sexual relationships. These physical encounters are becoming difficult and complex these days due to the pandemic. Quarantine and confinement measures as well as forced social distancing have changed everything.

Besides the common risks, such as sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or unwanted pregnancies, there is now the risk of COVID-19 virus infection. This is why Nottingham escorts, partners and lovers are so affected by the whole situation. Therefore, in addition to the barrier methods already used, such as condoms, another series of measures must be taken.

Most have had to make use of creativity and new technologies. Because now more than ever it is important to be positive and in spite of everything, to think that together, it will soon pass. Despite the virus, pleasure is equally attractive and the desire to see and touch each other is even greater. Although it now seems that much more importance has been given to it, there are plenty of equally pleasurable alternatives.


On the one hand, for those who are lucky enough to live with their partner or friend with benefits, they can have a lot of fun together, although now with a little more care. Take advantage of this to avoid falling into a routine, try new things, experiment and discover new pleasures.

For example, new postures, new places in the house that you had never thought of, making use of some sex toy… And why not surprise your partner from time to time. Get in the shower with her or him, prepare a special dinner, dance together, exercise together…

It is important to share time and interests so as not to lose the magic and spark of the relationship. Whisper in his ear, caress his whole body, some massage, a striptease or some more romantic and passionate detail. You can even eat on your partner’s skin or play some role-playing game and perform some scene worthy of the best series and movies. For the more daring ones, it is also possible to ignite the passion by watching erotic content online from the best call girls in Mumbai.

For others, however, this is difficult, as they don’t have the advantage of living in the same house. But even if this is the case, it is not impossible. There are still plenty of alternatives. Just as long-distance relationships have always worked, creating closer ties and a lot of communication and trust.


Thanks to more or less explicit video calls, audios, photos and videos, the needs of the human body can be satisfied. Because as Octavio Paz said “In every erotic encounter there is an invisible and always active character: the imagination.” So you just have to know how to stimulate it. Enjoy some sexting or phone sex, tell yourself all the fantasies that you would like to fulfill, try to write some erotic story or make plans for when you can go out.

Or just get comfortable in a room, alone, make a call, put some headphones on and discover oneself while the voice of the lover is heard. You can indicate what to do, sigh or relate anything erotic.

There are thousands of ways to arouse and increase the excitement of your partner and others. There are even sex toys that can be controlled with a remote phone application. Many of the British escorts in Skokka already use it to enhance the pleasure experience.

In short, there is a multitude of opportunities and alternatives for physical sex today whether or not you are in the same house. Even for those who don’t have a partner. Orgasms can be triggered in many different ways and this time of uncertainty is motivating people to seek out and experience new ways. With what can be in any home and is available to most of the population.

Even the dating apps have increased their visits. Because in spite of everything, everyone continues, perhaps now with more desire than before, to continue to meet more people and to establish and strengthen their relationships. Besides the relief and pleasure that comes from physical contact, kissing, and sex, why does the forbidden attract more people? Whatever the case, what is clear is that this type of entertainment and satisfaction is stronger than the situation that we are currently experiencing, which is full of fear, uncertainty, anxiety and oppression.

Even if you think about when everything you want to do is over, as the song of “Ya es hora” by Ana Mena and Becky G and De La Ghetto says: “And even if you are far away. I have not given up hope of meeting you. And of forgetting about the cell phone and being close to each other. To give free rein to madness and desire. To eat you with kisses.” There is less left for all those wet dreams and through the screens to come true.

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