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Disorganised Crime & Sex

If you are a professional criminal or a member of “organized” crime, the broad sex industry is a great outlet for your product. People in your nightclubs will buy drugs from your approved dealers. Which makes them more likely to pay to spend time with your party girls. Who in turn will get them to buy drugs to keep the party going whenever spirits – or anything else start to flag.

Disorganised Crime & Sex

Which means that the high class escort agencies that are not run by or affiliated with gangsters tend to have a decent number of them on their books as clients. Anonymously, of course. Or at least they like to think so. But the most sensible ones will still not mention to the sexiest escorts Malaga provides themselves what they do for a living and only tell the escort agency manager or owner. Having said that, the wise ones will make a point of speaking to the agency principal and explicitly explaining the need for confidentiality and the consequences of breaking it.

Escort girls can be flaky at the best of times. They often need constant reassurance about their appeal and marketability. And this often takes the form of beating the crap out of any agency which is not giving them the level of work they think they deserve. Logic, market information, and reality will never trump fear. Reassurance is sometimes all you can offer if the work just is not there for whatever reason.

And that takes time, patience, and investment. It is not easy, there are no shortcuts or magic bullets. But if you do it right it will work. And then all you have to do is recruit the right girls and work out how to sell to clients and actually manage the business.

Of course, you are dealing with cash most of the time which is not a problem in itself. And if you are a business that acts legally and pays its taxes, the easiest thing is to get that cash paid into the banks. However, you cannot be certain that the talent is working within the tax regimen and as such they sometimes et a bit leery about paying cash into banks when an ID may be needed to make a deposit. So sometimes a little flexibility is required to make sure everything works properly.

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